Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Goal Mapping is a transformational tool that enables you to visualise, define and plan your path towards your health and wellbeing goals.  Devised by Brian Mayne and endorsed by Tony Robbins this deceptively simple tool work that works on so many levels. It’s an effective and powerful method that works with both your concious and sub concious mind, helping to transform your mindset and keep you focussed on where you want to get to.  We can either work on one specific goal or undertake a Life Balance review establishing Wellbeing, Happiness, Self Worth, Relationship & Financial Goals.

You will create your own very special Goal Maps that will inspire you and keep you focussed on what you want to achieve, they will show the actions you will take and the timeline you have set.

Goal Mapping is being used in Education, Business and Sport and Wellness and has been adopted by a number of household brands including John Lewis, BT, Microsoft, Siemens, Disney and BT.   I am fully trained by Brian Mayne as a Goal Mapping Facilitator and deliver both one to one and half day workshops sharing this powerful technique.  Don’t wait any longer, begin it now and start turning your dreams into your reality.




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