What’s the ‘right’ decision?

Traditional alternative therapy or medicine, also concept of heaI think one of the things that really helps you move forward is making a definite decision, sounds a bit too obvious doesn’t it?

I have been trying to decide about some major things in my life over the past week and just when I think I have made my mind up some other piece of information is added to the puzzle or I think of things from a different perspective and I begin to question my previous thoughts and the whole process of trying to make the ‘right’ decision begins again. I also talked though my issues with various friends and they all offered me their thoughts and opinions.  I probably agreed with all of them to a certain extent and found hearing things from a variety of perspectives.  I kept asking what is the ‘right’ thing to do?

I sought advice from a variety of friends and colleagues, they all had valid things to say.  The question is, is there such a thing as a right or wrong decision, is the hand of fate or God guiding us or is it just a decision where we just have to weigh up the pro’s and con’s make a choice and move forward.  One thing I do know is that going round in circles is very tiring!

In fact the average human makes around 35,000 decisions every day so you would think we would be good at it.  Of course many of these are not that big, more like whether to have porridge or toast for breakfast.  I am talking about bigger more crucial decisions so I did some research on the subject.  For an objective view you can use a SWOT analysis which gets you to list Strengths, Opportunities, Opportunities and Risks.  I also learnt that it’s not advisable to make decisions when you are angry, hurt, depressed or frightened and in the end I decided to take that advice and give myself some space and time before I take the next step forward in life.

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