5 Reasons to offer Reflexology to your workforce

I won’t assume you know what reflexology is as, although it’s been around for literally thousands of years, sometimes the term still brings about some quizzical looks when I tell people what I do.

Reflexology is a holistic, non-evasive therapy that treats the whole body.  Gentle pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet or hands and this stimulates nerve endings and energy flow throughout the body.  Most people find a treatment extremely relaxing, it aids the body’s natural healing capabilities and can assist with a whole host of health issues.  There is an increasing amount of research that validates it’s value, in fact many medical professionals recommend reflexology as a valid form of therapy.

So why bring this therapy to your staff?

The Timeware Workforce Management Study has estimated the cost to the British economy totals £100bn a year.

In the UK in 2015-16 there were 448,000 cases of stress related illness, this amounted to 37% of all work related episodes of ill health and 45% of lost working days.  Over 42% of those suffering from workplace stress have considered resigning.  Stress is particularly a problem in medium to large businesses which have significantly higher rates of absence due to stress compared to small businesses.  Stress can be brought about by many different factors, some of which stem from the workplace but sometimes just holding life together and balancing the needs of both professional and personal life can be challenging. Life is a rollercoaster for us all at times but it’s usually crucial that we hold our professional life together regardless of what’s happening outside of the office. Of course employers have a particular obligation to help staff deal with the pressures of the work environment but helping staff to generally keep life on an even keel will pay dividends for the employer in the long run. Here are just some of the rewards that an reflexology wellbeing programme can offer

  1. Improved Attendance
    A study was commissioned in Denmark in 1994 as 729,000 lost workdays in 1994 from migraines. Reflexology was offered to over 200 participants the results showed that 19% of headache sufferers stopped taking medication following reflexology treatment.  They found that reflexology treatments had a beneficial effect on patients suffering from migraine and tension headaches. Three months after completing the reflexology treatments, the results were:
  • 16% no longer had any symptoms
  • 65% had reduced symptoms
  • 19% reported that they had been able to stop all medication taken before the study.
  1. Improved Morale

Staff who feel valued and appreciated by their employer are likely to be more motivated. If your employer sponsors visits by a reflexologist it demonstrates they value their staff and support initiatives to promote health and wellbeing.


  1. Increase Productivity

It’s a positive spiral, happier, healthier staff are more productive at work.  Any boss who doesn’t place value on the welfare of their staff is missing a trick.  Staff will go that extra mile if they are happy and motivated.


  1. Truly living your corporate values

Employers are coming under increasing scrutiny and the need to attract high calibre staff has never been more important in these competitive times. Whilst many companies talk the talk offering a wellbeing programme demonstrates true commitment to your teams.


  1. An affordable investment

Arranging for a reflexologist to visit your site once a month does not have to cost the earth, there are a variety of options some of which require little if any financial outlay.


If you want to find out more visit www.wellbeing4u.net


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